Obscurity of the Day: The Misunderstandings of Martha

While in general women may have had trouble breaking into newspaper cartooning at the turn of the last century, gorgeous society girl Marjorie Organ seemed to have no trouble getting editors to accept her somewhat amateurish material. Here’s a series of hers that ran in the New York Evening World, titled The Misunderstandings of Martha. This one ran long after her (minor) heyday in 1904-05, in early 1908. At this time she and celebrated painter Robert Henri were a newsworthy couple. I have a feeling that perhaps the World editor decided to dust off this probably old series that had been sitting in his slush pile and run it to make a little capital off her name, which was in the news.

The Misunderstandings of Martha ran a handful of times from February 11 to March 12 1908. It was, as far as I know, her last series to see print.

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