Obscurity of the Day: Millionbucks

Although I have generally categorized Gus Mager‘s New York World ‘monk strips’ as one big long-running series, he did occasionally come up with a particular monk character that he liked especially well, and he’d write a strip series around him exclusively for awhile. Such is the case with Millionbucks, a monk strip that ran from January 18 to June 3 1913, at the same time that the regular monk strip was slowly being taken over by Mager’s most successful monk character, Sherlocko.

Millionbucks is a delightfully wacky strip in which a fabulously wealthy fellow cares not one wit for his fortune, but only pines for the love of Miss Peacherino, who is in turn more interested in another beau, named Kandykiddo. Although Mager unfortunately chooses to write the captions in rhyme, which regular readers of Stripper’s Guide knows is like nails on a blackboard to me, I have to admit that Mager is better than most at making good and funny rhymes.

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