Sci-Friday starring Connie — The End

Connie — March 26 1939
Courtesy of Cole Johnson
Although Connie is on the cusp of a new adventure, sadly we must bid her adieu at this point. Cole’s run of Connie ends with this episode, and it looks like our heroine is going to be getting into some decidedly non-sci-fi adventures now anyway. If anyone can supply further Connie adventures (in good resolution, not digital microfilm) I’d be happy to keep chronicling her adventures here.

3 comments on “Sci-Friday starring Connie — The End

  1. Thank you Alan, and the late Cole! The story-telling in Connie is very lame, but the art is gorgeous. I like the candy-shades of the colouring, too. This strip is rarely seen, and I feel privileged to have access to it.

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