Obscurity of the Day: Oh, Just Laugh and Forget It

When George Frink curtailed his daily strip work at the Chicago Daily News to try his hand at Sunday strips for World Color Printing, I guess he must have been ducking the News‘ contract. Frink’s earliest work for WCP was the strip Oh, Just Laugh and Forget It which began on May 8 1910. At first he signed it  ‘Binks’, then ‘Babb’, and sometimes didn’t sign at all. It wasn’t until three months into the run that he began to sign his own name to the feature.

The plot of the strip is a very simple one and pretty repetitive, as was usually Frink’s preference, but also as usual he added energy and fun to the proceedings with his use of high-energy slapstick body language.

Oh, Just Laugh and Forget It ended on September 25 1910, right as Frink started the Sunday strip Slim Jim for WCP, which was his new name for his long-running and popular Circus Solly character from the Chicago Daily News days.

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