The Comics of Syndicated Features: Pop’s Night Out

Dick Dorgan, less famous brother of the great cartoonist Tad Dorgan, somehow managed to have a long career in newspaper comics, despite the rather glaring handicap that his drawing was pretty awful, and his writing wasn’t much better. Of course, he never had the sort of success his brother enjoyed, and one wonders how many of his gigs were offered simply because the name Dorgan would appear on them.

Syndicated Features evidently valued that name, because there wasn’t much else to recommend Pop’s Night Out. Dick Dorgan’s last known syndicated feature is about the off-hours activities of an unnamed schlub. He goes to poker parties, movies, golf courses, etc., and hilarity (doesn’t) ensue.

Pop’s Night Out ran for the entire life of the Syndicated Features tabloid, from July 13 1936 to March 8 1937.

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