A Trove of Specialty Drawings, Part 2 of 4

Please see yesterday’s post for the story behind this large collection of cartoonist specialty drawings. On day two, we’ll dip into the humor cartoonists:

Walter Berndt, creator of Smitty and his little brother Herby

Bill Dyer (one of the few actual alumni to appear in the booklet) and Patsy from The Adventures of Patsy
Bill Holman and his creation, Smokey Stover
Bud Fisher and his creation, Mutt and Jeff (art presumably ghosted by Al Smith)

Ernie Bushmiller and his creation, Nancy
Carl Anderson’s Henry; Carl was dead before the booklet saw print
Chic Young’s Blondie

Clifford McBride’s Napoleon, with a one-size-fits-all gag
McEvoy and Striebel’s Dixie Dugan offers some unfortunate stereotypical mushmouth vernacular
Lank Leonard’s creation, Mickey Finn
Cliff Sterrett’s Polly and her Pals
Martin Branner’s Denny Dimwit from Winnie Winkle

2 comments on “A Trove of Specialty Drawings, Part 2 of 4

  1. I agree. At least he's looks human. 'Looks like they were trying to have it both ways here. During the '40s, the NAACP started to make noise about the depiction of African-Americans and Africans in the media.

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