A Trove of Specialty Drawings, Part 4 of 4

Please see Monday’s post for the story behind this large collection of cartoonist specialty drawings. On day four, we’re finishing up with entries from the adventure and story strip cartoonists:

Harold Foster contributes his standard fan art image of Prince Valiant

Ham Fisher’s Joe Palooka

V.T. Hamlin contributes a great Alley Oop strip; don’t know if this was used elsewhere

Harold Gray’s Little Orphan Annie

Burne Hogarth’s Tarzan

The Steve Roper cast by Allen Saunders and Elmer Woggon
Pagan Lee from Alex Raymond’s Rip Kirby

Alfred Andriola’s babes from Kerry Drake

Milton Caniff goes all out with thoughtful special art for the occasion
Chester Gould offers a standard piece of Dick Tracy specialty art, but adds some quick sketches

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