Sci-Friday starring Connie

In one of the less satisfying story conclusions ever, it turns out that our protagonists having been running around the arctic like a bunch of drunk penguins to no effect, good or ill, whatsoever. The mad doctor was perfectly capable of blowing himself to smithereens. Reminds me of Petey’s Little Neuro comic books.

Connie, May 23 1937, courtesy of Cole Johnson. 
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3 comments on “Sci-Friday starring Connie

  1. There is a Flash/Green Lantern cross-over where the villian forgets to wear special insulating gloves when he pulls the lever of his infernal machine {SPOILER ALERT)

    and it explodes.

    Talk about a similar let down!

  2. Zip Zop and we're done. I guess he couldn't let the world go all a kilter…. and have Prof. Borgg killing our Heroes.

    So, back home and find a new villain, eh?

    Alternate History: the world goes all aslant and Borgg becomes Dictator of the Planet. He returns the World to its old position as Connie agrees to marry him and save the world.
    Her father starts work on a new Ultimate Accumulator. The Eskimo's shake their heads, saying "Crazy Americans! Aren't they something!"

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