1942 Seasons Greetings from Christian Science Monitor

I suppose I should wait until closer to Christmas to post this, but I just discovered it, and I’m pretty excited. This page of greetings from the features staff of Christian Science Monitor, published in the December 21 1942 issue, features all sorts of neat stuff. We get self-caricatures of their daily comic strip crew: Richard  Rodgers (Diary of Snubs our Dog), Guernsey LePelley (Tubby and Buddy and Company), L.F. Van Zelm (News Item) and George Hager and Mrs. M.H. Dearborn (Adventures of Waddles). From Just for Fun, the multi-cartoonist gag panel, we get a delightful self-caricature of Gene Carr, a very hurried sketch from Reamer Keller, and we discover that cartoonist Corka is actually Jon Cornin and his unnamed wife (who turns out to be Zena Kavin). We also learn that the K. Parris behind the Facts and Figures panel owns a first name.

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