Herriman Saturday

Sunday, August 23 1908 — Fight manager Bill Delaney believes he has the next heavyweight champion of the world with this boxer Al Kaufman. Kaufman certainly does seem nearly unbeatable, and just as Herriman shows above, has beaten Dave Barry, Sam Berger, George Gardner, Mike Schreck and Battling Johnson, among others, in what sure seems to be the road to a crown.

Will his record remain unblemished when he faces Fireman Jim Flynn on Tuesday? According to the betting, Flynn hasn’t a ghost of a chance. Bookies can’t even stimulate betting by offering odds on Flynn merely making it to the 8th round.

Since Herriman won’t be revisiting this fight for a cartoon, I’ll not leave you hanging — not only did Flynn last until the 8th, he looked like he had Kaufman on the run. In the ninth round, though, Kaufman finally tamed Flynn and knocked him out.

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