Herriman Saturday

Thursday, August 27 1908 — In New York City today an odd news story is reported. It seems that there was this rather diminutive husband of a pretty gal. He was walking the boulevard with her when she came upon a man for whom she had a distinct “affinity.” That is to say, their eyes locked and it was lust, love or something to that effect at first sight. The subject of the wife’s “affinity”, for that is the word the news story used to describe it, was a rather large muscular fellow. The gal and her affinity left the husband high and dry, right there on the sidewalk, and were in the process of boarding a bus, when hubby jumped into action. Though small, hubby was a gamer, and started beating the living bejeezus out of the bruiser. A cop momentarily stopped the brawl, but when the situation was explained to his satisfaction, he let the little fellow continue on his mission to make hamburger out of the affinitee, to the delight of all on hand. Once the bruiser begged for the beating to stop, the cop arrested both men. The wife later on came to the station and tried to bail out both of the men, but only had enough money for hubby.

Herriman uses this curious use of the term ‘affinity’ to report on a completely different situation, one that is MUCH less interesting, among local Democrats.

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