Obscurity of the Day: Can You Beat That, Sadie?

Remember a few months ago when we covered a strip titled Ain’t It Awful, Mabel by Roy Taylor? You don’t? Oh. Well, here’s the link; go read it and come back.

{The Stripper gets a cup of java, reads some emails…}

Okay, so you can see the obvious relationship between that strip and these samples of Can You Beat That, Sadie right? Well, of course you can. It’s the same darn strip, with the punchline fiddled with just slightly. Can You Beat That Sadie ran from March 23 to April 24 1908 in the New York Evening World, right on the heels of Ain’t It Awful Mabel.

So if you guess that Roy Taylor must have gotten a cease and desist letter, shrugged, and changed the title of his strip but not the subject, well, we’re on the same page.

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