Magazine Cover Comics: Betty’s Office Romance

Here’s Betty’s Office Romance, a magazine cover comic series distributed by Hearst’s Newspaper Feature Service. You know the drill by now regarding the subject matter (don’t worry, they live happily ever after).

I’ve stated here before that I’m pretty convinced that Philip Loring, who is credited on a handful of these magazine cover series, is actually Paul Robinson working undercover. It helped my theory, I always thought, that this Loring fellow never bothered to sign his work. So naturally what do I pull out of my collection but this sample, which is signed. Oh well. I still stick with my theory.

Betty’s Office Romance played out on Sunday magazine covers from October 19 1930 to January 25 1931.

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  1. Cute typewriter icon in the lower left corner. Great costumes and decor…the text in gossipy-flip tone. There's something about the angles of the lines.

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