Obscurity of the Day: Sandy

After a very short stint at the lackluster New York Globe, Percy Crosby’s career took a big step up at the New York World in 1911, where he became an important producer in their cartooning bullpen. Between 1911 and 1914, Crosby produced over half a dozen series for the World‘s Sunday and weekday papers.

Although Crosby produced some of his earliest kid comics for the World, predicting his later masterwork Skippy, he also produced some soon forgotten but excellent series like Sandy (He’s Game For Anything). In his small quarter page space in the World‘s Funny Side comic section, the Sandy strips didn’t get a lot of room for character development or plot. In six small panels the cocksure Sandy would take a devil-may-care attitude, and then would be taught a lesson in humility. It was nothing unusual for the comics page, and the gags did not have any extra special spark. What did spark like mad was Crosby’s still-evolving drawing style. He showed off his artistic chops by producing well-designed layouts, and exhibiting a flair for humorous anatomy.

Sandy ran from September 15 1912 to February 2 1913.

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  1. The color Sunday comics are just So Marvelous! Maybe the kids today will say what wonderful comics were online on their iphones and ipads one day….I'm doubtful.
    The heyday of newspapers, magazines was so fertile.
    Today, the best/best paid artists are…. ? Doing graphic novels, comic books, computer graphics.
    Thankyou for celebrating this wonderful artform.

    Where can color comics be seen? A few compilations and……. here. Other places?
    I'll have to check out your links.

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