A Mystery Regarding the First Weeks of Long Sam — Part I

Bob Foster sent me scans of the first three weeks of Long Sam, asking me to share them with you. Although the strips are worth reading on their merits alone, Bob isn’t just sharing them purely for their entertainment value. He hopes to open a dialogue regarding what he considers a mystery.

So what’s the mystery? Well, we’ll get into that in tomorrow’s post. For now, just enjoy the first half of the Long Sam introductory strips, credited to writer Al Capp and cartoonist Bob Lubbers. 

3 comments on “A Mystery Regarding the First Weeks of Long Sam — Part I

  1. It's 100% Lubbers to me. Bob never told me he had art assistant on Long Sam, and knowing him I can tell he's very jealous of his artwork. He was hardly ever helped by others.

    He admitted, e.g., that Mike Peppe had briefly inked Robin Malone, but said Wally Wood had never anything to do with that strip (Wood claimed he ghosted Robin Malone). On the other hand, Bob denied John Celardo helping him on some 1966 Secret Agent X-9 – – which I think Celardo did.

    Bob is an excellent, much too often underrated artist. This is him at his very best.


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