Herriman Saturday

Saturday, August 8 1908 — Herriman returns from his hiatus/vacation/whatever, and his first major cartoon is to document a news story. Seems that a San Franciscan named Dorr has piled up some enormous debts in stock future trading, a situation which he blames on an associate who engaged Dorr to make all the boneheaded buys that got him in dutch. Yeah, sure.

Then it seems Mr. Dorr, who was told by the SF constabulary not to leave town, hopped a train for Los Angeles. To hear Dorr tell it, no one told him not to do this, he was just here for the day to see friends, he was coming right back, his dog ate his homework, and so on. 

On a different note, check out the font on that headline. The bad photocopy does it no favors, but if that font isn’t just the most swell-egant thing ever, I’ll eat my hat. Am I the only one paying attention to the great fonts they used at the Los Angeles Examiner?

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