Obscurity of the Day: The Love Boat

For those who follow the blog here regularly, you already know the score when it comes to Sunday magazine cover comics. Yes, it’s a romantic adventure, yes, the art is fabulous. What can I add? Well, I could be mean and make you suffer through a certain theme song running on an endless loop in your head:

Love! Exciting and new,
Come aboard! We’re expecting you,
Love! Life’s sweetest reward,
Let it flow, it floats back to you!
The Love Boat soon will be making another run ….
But I’m not that mean. No, I’ll just tell you that this Russell Patterson series appeared through the auspices of Hearst’s International Feature Service imprint, and ran from February 16 to August 3 1930.

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  1. Tomorrow Alex Jay will profile Lauren Tewes. Good luck tracking down her WW1 draft card. It probably got rolled up and then discarded in some Hollywood night club ladies room. Hey, you started it.

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