Sci-Friday Starring …

 … Connie!

Yes, starting next Friday, our new Sci-Friday feature will be Frank Godwin’s Connie! We will be printing her 1936-37 sci-fi adventure wherein a time machine sends her one thousand years into the future, where she finds amazing technology, space travel, bug-eyed monsters and danger around every turn.

I’m thrilled to be able to run this rare Connie sequence, and offer a whopping big THANK YOU to Cole Johnson, who provided these scans from his collection.

One caveat is that Cole is lacking tearsheets for some dates, and we are obliged to use images copied from microfilm. If anyone can supply good high resolution scans of 8/2/36, 8/9/36, 8/16/36, 8/30/36, 9/13/36 or 11/29/36 tearsheets we would be very thankful.

Also, most of Cole’s 1936 tearsheets are mono-color. Frankly I think that allows Godwin’s art to shine all the brighter for not being buried under a lot of color, but if you have full color 1936 color tearsheets, and volunteer to provide scans, we’d be delighted to run them, and of course we will be delighted to give you full credit.


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  1. Very exciting. Thanks so much to you & Cole! I have two color fulls (August 23 and September 20, 1936) but I've never had the opportunity to read the whole sequence! I don't have a large enough scanner to share images, but I can tell you, they are beautiful in full color! I'll definitely be following your Friday posts.

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