Jim Ivey’s Sunday Comics

Leave it to Jim, the last of the Southern gentlemen, to feel the need for excuses to get off the phone with a solicitor. Me, I find them a great opportunity to exercise my creative profanity muscle.

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  1. Years ago, when I lived in a ramshackle apartment building in Tallahassee, I had a senior citizen for a neighbor. He looked like Popeye — grizzled, squint-eyed, and faintly pugilistic. I recall that he told me his favorite old comic was "Happy Hooligan." Anyway, he told me his method of avoiding solicitors was to say, "I'm Jewish — leave me alone!" The idea was to make the solicitor think he mistook them for a religious zealot seeking conversions. He said it usually caught them off guard so much they clammed up and scooted away. I always enjoy Jim Ivey's comics on this blog!

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