Herriman Saturday

Saturday, March 21 1908 — Having done cartoons and interviews with both Battling Johnson and Fireman Jim Flynn in preparation for the big match, Herriman and sportwriter H.M. Walker can’t think of anything more to say about the fighters today. So, casting about for a story, their attention lights on referee Charles Eyton. Eyton is very well-regarded in L.A. boxing circles for his professionalism and neutrality, and has been the third man in the ring in all the big bouts of the past three years.

The Hen Berry ‘weazel hat’ sidebars are getting downright kabuki-like.

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  1. Just a note to let you know, a lot of us count on these Herriman Saturdays as guaranteed cartoon goodness to cleanse our pallette every week. Your hard work is much appreciated!

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