Asian Pacific American Heritage Month on the Stripper’s Guide Blog!

The month of May is Asian-Pacific American Heritage MonthWe’ll begin this week with a series of posts highlighting the career of Paul Fung, who will be followed, next week, with a look at Bob Kuwahara, Tom Okamoto and Chris Ishii. The Legend of Bruce Lee strip is discussed here and it has a link to a lot of the original art at Comic Art Fans. And here are some links to a few contemporary APA cartoonists.

Lynda Barry at Wikipedia, A.V. ClubDrawn and Quarterly and the New York Times.

Brandon Times, April 9, 2004, profiled Ping Chen who assisted Fred Lasswell on Barney Google. (It may take 20 seconds or more to load.)

Tak Toyoshima and his Secret Asian Man.

Asian American Sequential Artists Resource Guide (AASARG) has a list a APA cartoonists’ and their web comics.

Be here tomorrow for the start of the festivities!

2 comments on “Asian Pacific American Heritage Month on the Stripper’s Guide Blog!

  1. Aren't Vic Lee ("Pardon My Planet") and Karen Moy (writer of "Mary Worth") also Asian-American?

  2. I do not know if Vic Lee is Asian American; the few articles I've read gave no indication of his ethnicity. If you have a source please identify it.

    Yes, Karen Moy is Asian American. A comprehensive list of Asian Americans doing comics would be a worthy project.

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