Not Herriman Saturday — Q & A Instead

Sorry folks, ran out of time to prep my Herriman post for today. So instead here’s a few questions we’re pondering; maybe you can help!

Our Gang Ad — Cole Johnson sends this Royal Gelatin ad, saying that it might be by Virginia Huget. I see no particular resemblance to the art style I associate with her, but it’s also well established that she was pretty good at aping other styles. Anyone want to weigh in with an opinion on whether this is Huget, or maybe you’d like to nominate some other cartoonist?

The Grizzwells — I was just clipping a few current strips the other day and noticed that The Grizzwells by Bill Schorr seems to have a second creator credited within the strip. Looks like ‘Smith’ to me, but at postage stamp size it is hard to tell. Found nothing on the web saying that the strip now has two creators. Does anyone know anything about this Smith person and his/her role?

Newspaper Archives on the Web — I know about, of course, and the Library of Congress has a selection of digitized newspapers, and then there’s Google Newspaper Archive as well. There’s also, which I know very little about. There’s also some localized websites like this one for Utah and one for New Jersey papers, for which I’ve somehow lost the link. If you know of other sources for digitized newspapers available on the web, either free or fee, I’d like to know about them. I think a link collection for digitized newspaper sources would be a great resource. Ideally we’d also tabulate a list of newspapers and date ranges as well, but that may be impossible to do as it is a pretty swiftly moving target.

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  1. Ralph (Through Thick and Thin, Captain Vincible) Smith is "writing The Grizzwells with my pal Bill Schorr" according to his NCS mini-bio card:
    His signature started appearing on the strip in June of 2000 (June 14, 2000 signed 'Schorr'; June 21, 2000 signed 'Schoor/Smith').

    A few years ago I found the Old Fulton New York Post Cards site – "Search Over 17,587,000 Old New York State Historical Newspaper Pages":


  2. The Our Gang advertisement is by Ray Thompson (1905-1982) a commercial cartoonist who worked in the Philadelphia area who created ads starting in the 1930S and later the double Bubble ads and he wrote the comic strip Myra North.

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