Herriman Saturday

Thursday, February 6 1908 — Today we begin a new Herriman comic strip series, another that has never before been documented or reproduced to my knowledge. Mr. Amos Pidjin was produced in honor of the U.S. Navy fleet making a visit to California on a round-the-world expedition. The Great White Fleet was assigned the task of a circumnavigation by President Roosevelt as a show of American naval power. More here at Wiki. Herriman’s series, which will run five episodes, becomes more intensely surreal and bizarre with each installment. A real portent of things to come from Garge’s pen in later years.

Also today another installment in the Today in Sports series, with boxers Jimmy Britt, Unholz and Battling Nelson featured, plus a dog show.

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  1. I seem to recall the fleet also made an appearance in Mutt and Jeff around the same time, though since that was in San Francisco it would presumably have been slightly earlier or slightly later. (In the Hyperion reprint of Fisher's first year 1907-08)

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