Obscurity of the Day: The Purdys

Paul Robinson was one busy guy in the mid-20s. In 1925 he began doing Etta Kett, then in 1927 added to that Just Among Us Girls. Now Mark Johnson sends me samples of a new one on me — The Purdys, a weekly strip he produced for the Publishers Autocaster Service starting in March 1926.

The Purdys was a pretty typical strip designed to appeal to the small town folks who were reading weekly papers. All the syndicates looking for this business had a strip about a ‘typical’ rural family. Publishers Autocaster was sort of an also-ran in this category, trailing well behind the more popular Western Newspaper Union and NEA (which had what they called a ‘pony service’ for weekly papers in addition to their daily-centric regular offerings).

The Purdys ran at least into the first few months of 1927 from what I can tell. This seems to makes sense as an end date since Robinson added a second daily to his workload in August 1927. However, Mark Johnson’s samples are from 1928 issues of the Sycamore (IL) True Republican, so either it ran even longer, or Sycamore was running backstock.

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  1. It would seem that these were done about 1925 and used as a finished set of however many strips, to be used whenever the client cared to, even if it were years later.

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