Herriman Saturday

February 1, 1908 — J.C. Stubbs, one of the stooges of the Southern Pacific railway system, and well-known as the father of rebating in California (rebating was an unfair practice aimed at bullying and soaking businesses who need railroad freight services), denies all to reporters when he visits L.A. Southern Pacific and Union Pacific are not in cahoots, no unfair rebating is done — all is sweetness and light on the west coast. Note to Tea Partiers: this is the sort of behavior we get when business are allowed to run amok with no government oversight. Is this really what you want?

In Today in Sports, Herriman bids goodbye to Gavvy Cravath and Walter Carlisle, who were picked up by the Red Sox at the end of the PCL season. Cravath would go on to an impressive major league career, Carlisle on the other hand only made a handful of appearances with the Sox in 1908.

Cliff Peuman, a local boxer of little note, is also featured, as are Battling Nelson and Rudy Unholz, about to meet in the ring on the 4th of this month.

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