Obscurity of the Day: What American Histories Omit

 What American Histories Omit told Chicago Defender readers about the contributions of black men and women in the history of our country.  The strip was intended to give readers a sense of belonging and pride in the accomplishments of their race in building this country, a subject completely absent from the school curriculum in those days. The look of the feature was intentionally patterned closely after the mainstream newspaper hit Highlights of History.

Writer Nathan Hopkins and cartoonist Leslie M. Rogers produced the weekly feature from March 10 1928 to April 13 1929 for the Defender.

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  1. I have a warm spot in my heart for the Chicago Defender, not simply because of its service to the black community, but because The Cisco Kid, Brick Bradford, Secret Agent Corrigan, and Big Ben Bolt all found a much needed home in its pages during the 1960's. The Defender gave me my first real taste of all of these strips.

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