Herriman Saturday

Sunday, January 19 1908 — John Walsh was a Chicago financier whose bank failed in 1905. The cause, according to his detractors, was creative bookkeeping intended to line his pockets and provide capital for his other ventures. Walsh loudly proclaimed his innocence and maintained that competing business interests had entrapped him. 
Walsh was convicted and went to prison in 1910, but he was released soon after to die in his home. 
This is one of the best realized caricatures I’ve ever seen by Herriman, beautifully evoking a tired old man, once powerful but now beaten. Unfortunately I was unable to find a photo of Walsh online to compare with Herriman’s caricature, but that’s of little consequence. The art stands as a moody masterwork whether it matches Walsh’s features or not.

Sunday, January 19 1908 — Tommy Burns goes to England to bask in a little glory and to make some dough after beating their champ, Gunner Moir. His vaudeville routine consists of making comments as a film of the fight is screened, and then sparring for a few rounds “with acknowledged champions.” Herriman depicts Jack Johnson still  waiting for his shot at Burns, which will happen but is still a-ways off.

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