News of Yore 1908: Gene Carr a Fugitive from Justice?

Serio-Comic Mix-Up
(The Fourth Estate, 8/1/08)
A picture of Gene Carr, an artist of the New York World, which appeared in that paper recently brought Mr. Carr into an annoying position last Saturday.
The police were instructed by a telegram from the authorities at Wilkes Barre, Pa., to arrest Mr. Carr for the alleged murder of a man named Cameron Cool in Wilkes Barre on December 26, 1907. At the World office it was proved that a mistake had been made and that Mr. Carr was not the man wanted.
Mrs. Julia Craig, a widow, of Ocean Grove, N.J., was summoned to the World office to pick out the man she accused if he was there, accompanied by a Central Office detective and Dr. Thomas J. Carney, who knows the man and was to assist in the identification.
Mrs. Craig scrutinized the faces of a group of newspaper men and after several minutes declared that the man was not present. She was more positive than ever when Mr. Carr was introduced. Mr. Carr, she said, was much smaller and that the other had a French accent, which was missing in Mr. Carr’s talk.
Dr. Carney backed up Mrs. Craig in her declaration.
It was evident that the man who was sought had masqueraded under Mr. Carr’s name.

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