Obscurity of the Day: Miss Aladdin

Here’s a magazine cover series that doesn’t quite fit the standard mold of the era. The lion’s share of these series were romances, whereas Miss Aladdin is a fairy tale fantasy somewhat  in the tradition of Little Nemo, albeit featuring the de rigeur pretty girl.

The series featured art by Virginia Huget, a semi-regular on these cover series (see, for instance, Double Dora and Babs in Society). I like Huget’s art, but frankly this series looks to have been a bit of a rush job for her. The series was written by J. Kenneth Jonez in his only known appearance in the funnies, or, for that matter, in any capacity anywhere. Mr. Jonez has the honor of being a mystery even to the all-seeing eye of Google.

This rare magazine cover series was syndicated under Hearst’s King Features brand and was running by at least March 1929 and ended sometime in May of that year. Can anyone supply exact start and end dates?

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  1. A story book for girls titled "Miss Aladdin", written by Christine Whiting Parmenter, was published in 1932 by Thomas Y. Crowell, New York. In 1934 it was serialised by Western Newspaper Union. This and the cartoon, however have nothing to do with each other, it looks like the term was a once common phrase assigned to clever little girls.

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