Can You Help?

Cartoonist/historians Paul Karasik and Mark Newgarden  are in the home stretch of “How To Read Nancy” and cannot stand the thought of having to reproduce microfilm copies of these key works in a book about the craftsmanship of Ernie Bushmiller.

They are seeking scans of the following strips from hardcopy (newspaper tearsheets) and have come up empty; please advise if you can help:

NANCY 6/ 29/55
NANCY  8/8/59
DEBBIE (AKA LITTLE DEBBIE) by Cecil Jensen 6/ 27/ 55
FRITZI RITZ 12/31/30
Any examples of pre-1925 work by Bushmiller
Any MAC THE MANAGER strips (1924)

And, of course, Nancy’s first appearance : Fritzi Ritz 1/2/33

Any leads appreciated. As you well know, this stuff is very hard to track down.

Please send Paul an email with any tips, leads, or high res scans:

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