Herriman Saturday

Sunday, November 10 1907 — Herriman illustrates a color magazine section feature on actor Joseph Kilgour. Kilgour was well-known for his Broadway career that began in the 1890s, then added over 50 silent movies to his resume in the 1910s and ’20s.

The article focuses on Kilgour’s belief that a good actor need not ‘look the part’ but can overcome physical dissimilarities purely through the force of their performance.

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    I have a 1954 engraved cartoon plate with a HUBERT cartoon on it that looks to be a single cartoon for a "laff panel" and would like to find out more about it…
    like what is the proper name for this type of plate??
    how was this plate used to print the cartoon?

    The plate is engraved in metal/ has recessed (grind out) cutouts for a 3-d effect in the print process and mounted on a wooden block approx 5" x 6".
    The cartoon and caption are completely clean and legible – in fact it looks like it never was used for printing.
    The cartoon features both Hubert and wife Trudy.
    The plate also bears Wingert's engraved signature.
    It is signed by the cartoonist and bears "Copy 1954 King Partners syndicate Inc /World Rights reserved"

    What can you tell me about this item???is it collectible??

    Thank you very much!!

  2. Thank you for the link – yes it was informative -sound would have just added to it

    Any idea why mine in on a 5 x6" flat block or is that just another way to make a matrix?

    Any idea where I can find out more info on it/collectiblity/etc??
    Thank you again

  3. I have several Hubert print blocks and was wondering if a guy should just melt then down for scrap or what.

    Hubert was syndicated by King's and any links online I have found regarding the cartoon are dead.

    I'd like some more information myself if anyone has any ideas.

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