Herriman Saturday

Tuesday, November 5 1907 — Reviewer William Hamilton Cline gives a mixed review to a production of “The Local Girl.” Lewis Stone is too nice to go over as a boxer, Dick Vivian is miscast, and a female lead (name not on the surviving portion of the article) is badly dressed. On the other hand, John Daly Murphy is excellent as a reporter (a role he once had in real life) and Charlie Ruggles is “very clever” as Lumley.

Tuesday, November 5 1907 — Herriman may have been a great cartoonist, but a delineator of beautiful women he most certainly was not. Rest easy Gibson and Flagg, your places are secure. I’ve heard of bee-stung lips, but bee-stung eyelids?

Today is election day in San Francisco, and the Examiner is urging the voters there to choose a slate of reformers, which they did, and apparently to vote for an amendment to the city’s charter allowing the recall of corrupt politicians, regarding which I can’t find any mention of in online papers.

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