Herriman Saturday

Tuesday, October 29 1907 — Tonight’s the featherweight bout between champ Abe Attell and young phenom Freddie Weeks, the Colorado boy. Since Herriman will not provide any further cartoon commentary on the fight I’ll go ahead and tell you that Attell beat Weeks by a TKO in four rounds. Weeks took a one-year layoff after this fight and never was a serious contender again. So much for the phenom.

I get a kick out of Herriman treating the Coloradans as a rough-tough uncivilized bunch, as if California was quite the dandified cosmopolitan place in 1907.

Wednesday, October 30 1907 — And speaking of dandies, Herriman attends the opera and provides ‘ringside’ sketches of the proceedings. Maestro Agide Jacchia seems to have captured his interest.

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