Obscurity of the Day: Swapping Silas Comes to Town

We’ve met A.T. “Crite” Crichton before on the blog; here’s one of his longer running series. He must have been extra proud of this one as he signed it with his full name. Swapping Silas Comes to Town first ran in the Boston Herald‘s Sunday section in 1906 from May 13 to October 28, then made a return engagement, title now shortened to just Swapping Silas, from January 19 to February 9 1908. Say what you will of the quality of humor here, but for the Herald, usually free of even the vaguest whiff of a well-told joke, this was comedy gold.

Our sample of the strip, featuring the latest in eye-curdling gentleman’s haberdashery, comes from fashion maven Cole Johnson.

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