He’s Not Dead, He’s Restin’!

Getting to be crunch time on getting The Guide to U.S. Newspaper Comic Strips and Cartoon Panels ready for the publisher. I’m hip-deep in putting together the cross-indexes, a job I wouldn’t wish on an enemy. So despite the quote above, I’m doing anything but restin’. Just to tide you over here’s the final Sunday episode of Barney Baxter, published January 22 1950.

As long as I’ve got you here, what do you think of the title The Universal Guide to American Newspaper Comic Strips and Cartoon Panels? You’ll recall that the book will not use the term “Stripper’s Guide” over worries that libraries will find it … um … troubling. The generic working title sure doesn’t have any identity or pizzazz, so I was thinking maybe “Universal Guide” might be a nudge in the right direction. Any other great titles you could suggest would be helpful. My brain has turned to mush over the past month getting the book ready, and my Imagin-O-Meter is pegged on zero.

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  1. "The Universal Guide to American Newspaper Comic Strips and Cartoon Panels" sounds more like a subtitle.

    I would try to punch it up with something that gives a sense of the imaginative worlds created on the newspages.

    "Four-Color Universe" or "Worlds in Ink" are bad examples, but I think they suggest what could be a more engaging direction.

  2. Who is publishing it, Allan? Hope it is going to be loaded with illustrations! Here are some suggestions for you…

    The Comic Strip Almanac: A Guide to U.S. Newspaper Comic Strips and Cartoon Panels

    The Holtz Field Guide to American Newspaper Comic Strips

    Strip Search: A Guide to Newspaper Comic Strips

    The Funnies Files: An Illustrated Guide to Newspaper Comic Strips, 1890 to Present

    Comicography: The Illustrated Inkdex of American Newspaper Comic Strips

  3. I only recently started reading your blog (after you were mentioned in a Belgian magazine about comics) and I really like it, so I wish you good luck with your book! Too bad you can't use Stripper's Guide, that sounds great. I agree with the other commenters that "the Guide…" sounds more like a subtitle by the way…

  4. I like the authoritative sound of "The Holtz Field Guide". Sort of like Petersen's Field Guide to the Birds.

  5. "the Holtz Field Guide to Newspaper Cartoon Strips & Panels, sez it all, and leaves it open for you….. or" the International, Silver Newspaper Submarine Comics Guide & Index"

  6. Hi folks —
    Sorry to take so long responding. Re Barney Baxter, the strip ended abruptly because Frank Miller died. And Bob Naylor did do the strip 1943-46, but then Miller took control again.

    Re the title suggestions, a lot of interesting fodder there. I've suggested my editor come by and read your suggestions.

    Though I of course like the ego-boo of 'Holtz Guide', and recognize that it worked out rather well for a certain fellow named Overstreet and others, I have to consider that hundreds of people have contributed important information to the book, including some who spent many, many hours in libraries doing research specifically for my benefit. It just seems like a slap in the face to those people who made such invaluable contributions. Maybe it should be called "The Holtz Horde Guide"…

    Best, Allan

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