The Stripper’s Guide Super-Quiz Day 9

1. Here are the titles of some Sunday topper strips; name the main strip they were paired with: Jungle Bedtime Stories, That Phoney Nickel, Zoolie, Li’l Ole Orvie, Public Enemies Through The Ages.

2. President Eisenhower had a favorite newspaper strip, one whose fortunes were flagging by the fifties. What strip got a major short in the arm when Eisenhower’s preference was publicized?

3. Many of the fabricated factoids about comic strip history came from the memoirs of this syndicate head, including the reason the Yellow Kid was yellow. Who was it and what was the book?

4. A certain TV show starred a character who was the cartoonist on a comic strip about a bovine hero. What was the title of the strip and what was the TV show?

5. Lots of comic strip characters have marketing tie-ins. But which cartoonist was himself memorialized as a brand of tobacco?

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