The Stripper’s Guide Super-Quiz Day 6

1. Which two old-time animated cartoon characters were revived and paired up in a 1980s comic strip?

2. Humphrey Bogart’s first movie kiss came from the luscious lips of which actress, and with which comic strip character was she closely identified?

3. In the 1960s the Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning started to be awarded for the sum of the cartoonist’s work during the year. Before then, when it was always given for a specific cartoon, which famed cartoonist won the prize for a cartoon that was almost certainly ghosted by his assistant?

4. Wash Tubbs cartoonist Roy Crane felt it was time for his salary to be upped in 1927. When he asked the syndicate for a raise they said no. They did make him an offer that would boost his pay though. He took it. What was the offer?

5. The McNaught Syndicate was a major player in comic strips for over 60 years, but the name of the company was a bit of whimsy. Who were the two fellows who founded the syndicate and gave it the in-joke name?

4 comments on “The Stripper’s Guide Super-Quiz Day 6

    2-Helen Heyes / Betty Boop?
    4-They offered him to do a WASH TUBBS Sunday feature (that was OUT OUR WAY topper)
    5-Virgil McNitt + Charles McAdam

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