News of Yore 1949: E&P Short Items Roundup

Saint in New Episode (3/12)
Beginning March 21 is a new episode in “The Saint,” distributed by New York Herald Tribune Syndicate. Despite the fact that Leslie Charteris, the author, has published 27 volumes of the Saint’s adventures. This episode has the Saint in an entirely new role. He’s to be a gigolo on behalf of a Virginia planter, whose problem is to keep his beautiful and reckless daughter from falling for a no-account adventurer.

The Saint will, with this episode, appear in Sunday color pages, starting March 27.

The art work is by Mike Roy, who does his work at his Long Island home. Both Charteris and Roy have traveled, which is well for the authenticity of the background as a Charteris story often switches from New York to Miami to Bombay.

Bunyan Sunday Page (3/12)
The Mighty Bunyan, daily strip drawn by Clyde Yeadon, an Ironwood, Mich., lumber jack turned cartoonist, became a Sunday color page production and started appearing in papers in the mid-West, Feb. 13. [Have never seen the Sunday version; has anyone seen it? — Allan]

An interesting local promotion in connection with the feature was devised by the Iron Mountain (Mich.) News. A full page Yeadon cartoon carried the congratulations of other artists in the syndicate field. On an adjoining page were the messages of local advertisers, admiring Bunyan, and extending best wishes to the artist-creator. A statement from the superintendent of schools led off the promotion page, attesting to the accuracy of the “magnitudinous feats of Paul Bunyan.”

Obituary (1/22)
Charles H. Coll, Jr., 58, creator of “The Shadow” and “Myra North, Nurse” comic strips and former art director of Philadelphia Ledger Syndicate and NEA Service, January 18 at Upper Darby, Pa.

On Hollywood, Daily (3/19)
“Foto Face in Hollywood,” a cartoon strip about the movie industry, has gone from weekly to daily and is currently available, according to Artist Martin, who advises that syndication is by the Herb Martin Syndicate, Hollywood. [Has anyone seen this feature? — Allan]

King Offers Commercial Service (3/19)
King Features Syndicate has announced creation of a Special Service division for the purpose of preparing booklets for general commercial use. KFS artists will create cartoon characters especially for use by advertisers.

New Circus Strip (3/19)
Bell Syndicate is reported to be planning a strip release, “Tanny,” by Rex Maxon. The strip features a circus-born girl heroine. Continuity is by Tom Duncan, author of “Gus the Great,” a book about circus people. [I don’t think this feature was ever released; anyone know different? — Allan]

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