Obscurity of the Day: Love Will Find a Way

F.M. Howarth, he of the instantly recognizable style, was nearing the end of a long and distinguished cartooning career when he entered the Hearst stable around 1902.

Love Will Find a Way, one of his last strips for Hearst, ran in two separate series. The feature first ran in the morning paper, the New York American, from March 18 to June 30 1906, then switched over to the Evening Journal from September 12 1906 to January 10 1907. The strip was about one of Howarth’s favorite subjects, the trials and tribulations of young love. Love Will Find a Way was a tightly focused strip (which sounds nicer than saying there was only one gag) in which the swain wins a kiss from the fair maiden despite being under the watchful but dim-witted eye of a chaperone.

This was one of the last strips that Howarth did for Hearst. He switched to working for the Chicago Tribune for awhile in 1907-08, producing, among other strips, the tremendous Old Opie Dilldock’s Stories. He died in 1908.

Thanks to Cole Johnson for the scans!

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