Obscurity of the Day: When a Man’s Married

Here’s an early strip by Cliff Sterrett, who went on to pen Polly and her Pals to considerable acclaim.

When a Man’s Married began in the New York Evening Telegram on May 13 1911 as one of their many less-than-daily strips (boy, wouldn’t I love a less cumbersome, more descriptive term for that). Sterrett penned this strip along with several others until he defected to Hearst in December 1912. His last entry in this series was on December 12.

The Telegram must have thought a lot of Sterrett’s strips, because when he left they were all continued by others. When a Man’s Married was reassigned to Jack Farr, whose first entry in this series was on December 19. Farr continued the strip for eight years, quite a run for a strip that practically no one remembers. The strip last ran in the Telegram on November 23 1920.

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