Celebration Time!

I’ll stop happy-dancing and bouncing off the walls today only long enough to wish you a happy inauguration day. Here’s a little video my wife Judy shot. The song was written by our pals Denton and Barb and the sing-along was at a campaign meeting last September. I’m the big galoot in the green t-shirt at the back of the room.

6 comments on “Celebration Time!

  1. Must you pollute an otherwise pleasant and intellectual topic as comic strip reseach with reports of your blind sheep ecstasies for the jug-eared blowhard?
    You sound like a teenage girl with her first celebucrush.

  2. “Hater”, as in the crime of “Hate Speech” I suppose? One cannot express opinions freely enough to use his name any more because he will be made to pay, as dearly as possible for it. You guys don’t just disagree, you crush opposition. Paranoia? It’s happened to two people I know- Their email is deluged, their bosses or professors are contacted, until punishment is meted out. Call it a form of “card check” or “Fairness Doctorine”. No, you don’t get my name. Rest assured though, many who appear to go along with the socialist agenda do so out of self-preservation, not conviction.

  3. Seriously, how are we to even remotely prove to truth of the story you just told? It could have been made up. It is a perfect ruse too, since any attempt by me to question the validity of your story means you could paint my very act as proof of my socialist agenda to crush all your rights.

    Come back in 4 years and let us see exactly how “socialist” we become. Wow, union protection from terrorizing bosses and health care for everyone, how horrible! I’ll take my jug-eared pal over the dim-wit who just left any day.

  4. I could not see your apparently positive post, sum’ting about plug-ins would not allow me to see, but the grass-roots majority are back , remembering what Jonathan Livingston Seagull said, practice kindness and love, , the Reagan-Bush police state is over, and the gull sees farthest , who flies highest, let’s gather comix strip intelligence from each other , with no more fear and no more limits, let’s keep working on love, anonymous, and Tiny Tim too….Woodrow, (nevadaobserver.com) drifterhotel cartoons

  5. Well said, Roy and Woody. Hopefully once 43 has been gone awhile and Anon sees that the men in black aren’t coming to take him away, he’ll realize that maybe, just maybe, his fears were groundless. That they were planted in his mind by W, Cheney and their ilk in their bid to make us all behave like frightened sheep while they trod all over our liberties.

    Now while Barack is busy trying to fix the mess they left, let’s talk about comic strips again!


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