Obscurity of the Day: What You Lafin’ At?

Here’s an interesting local strip I discovered while gathering my L.A. Examiner Herriman material. What You Lafin’ At? is by A.C. Fera, the gent who later created the long-running Hearst feature Just Boy (which was retitled Elmer after Fera’s death).

Unlike most cartoonists who hone and sharpen their style over the years, Fera seems to have gone the opposite direction. This little strip is reasonably well-drawn, whereas Just Boy had a flat primitive quality that many find downright repellant.

What You Lafin’ At? ran a handful of times in the Examiner from August 2 to August 13 1909.

2 comments on “Obscurity of the Day: What You Lafin’ At?

  1. Now that’s obscure!
    So how many times does a comic strip have to run before it qualifies for the Stripper’s Guide?
    Two, three, more than one week?

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