Obscurity of the Day: Nip and Tuck

Here’s a little dog strip called Nip and Tuck from the pages of the Boston Post. From the 20s to 40s the Post always ran a small selection of unsyndicated comics in with their Sunday comics section. This strip was one of the latter day entries. It started in 1934 and lasted until October 3 1943.

For Bess Goe Willis, who was a prolific children’s book illustrator, this was apparently a separate go-round with these two canine pals. The Ledger Syndicate advertised a daily panel by Willis of the same name from 1936-39. Unfortunately I’ve never been able to find such a panel in my research and so Ms. Willis has a spot on my mystery strip list.

I could find no biographical info about Willis in a cursory web search, but I figure this strip must have been from the twilight of her career since her earlier work was far superior to the scratchy cribbed penwork exhibited here.

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