We Did It!

After walking hundreds of miles over the past month and knocking on thousands of doors I arrived home after the polls closed last night and fell asleep before any results were in. By some small miracle I awoke at midnight to hear Barack Obama’s inspiring victory speech. Judy and I wept with joy to know that our country has chosen the right path to the future, one in which the rest of the world is not seen as a long list of enemies to be battled, but as a roll call of friends and potential friends.

Frankly I had just about written this country off as having fallen completely under the spell of neo-conservative right wing fundamentalists, but as it turns out our mighty beacon of freedom, hope and liberty still burns. Although I had dared to hope that the margin of victory would be much wider than it was, I’m confident that the next four years will be a turning point in showing our people that this past eight years of fear-mongering and xenophobia were just a brief nightmare and that we have awakened to a new dawn, a day when the United States of America regains its rightful position as a country to be admired and emulated by the rest of the world.

5 comments on “We Did It!

  1. Totally agree,good post!I was awake until too late wishing this happy results too.I was thinked this success was difficult almost impossible,but the common sense prevailed.Adding now USA has a new opened (like a freeway) future path along with the rest of the Americas:-)

  2. I am new to your website and am reading all your blogs from when you first started. I do not agree with your opolitical viewpoints, but does politics really need to creep into every aspect of our life-even a website devoted to comic strips?

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