Jim Ivey’s Sunday Comics

Jim Ivey’s new book, Graphic Shorthand, is available from Lulu.com for $19.95 plus shipping, or you can order direct from Ivey for $25 postpaid. Jim Ivey teaches the fundamentals of cartooning in his own inimitable style. The book is 128 pages, coil-bound. Send your order to:

Jim Ivey
5840 Dahlia Dr. #7
Orlando FL 32807

Also still available, Jim Ivey’s career retrospective Cartoons I Liked, available on Lulu.com or direct from Jim Ivey for $20 postpaid. When ordered from Ivey direct, either book will include an original Ivey sketch.

One comment on “Jim Ivey’s Sunday Comics

  1. Although I’d heard the story before, it’s pretty impressive that Herblock suggested Jim for the position. Herblock was the first political cartoonist I knew by name.

    As always, thanks to Jim for creating his “Sunday Comics” and to Alan for posting them!

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