Obscurities of the Day: Two More from the Defender

Here’s two more from the Chicago Defender. Bungleton Green was the paper’s longest running strip. It was created by Leslie Rogers in 1920 and went through a long roll call of cartoonists before finally ending in 1968. Here are two samples, one by Jay Jackson from 1937, the other by Henry Brown in 1950. There’s a lot to tell about this strip, but I’m saving that up for the book I want to write on the comics of the black papers.

The Sparks was a delightful domestic comedy by Chester Commodore; it ran from 1948 to 1962. The original title of the strip was literally Nameless; the Defender ran a contest to name the new strip, and The Sparks won the competition after four months of gathering entries.

One comment on “Obscurities of the Day: Two More from the Defender

  1. Great samples from the two Bungleton Grren strips, mainly those numbers that he using for lottery picks!

    I better use these for next week’s lottery picks here in Oklahoma111

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