Obscurity of the Day: Ralph

For a long time now it’s been pretty much standard operating procedure for editorial cartoonists to attempt to supplement their incomes by moonlighting with a comic strip feature. Wayne Stayskal, editorial cartoonist for the Tampa Tribune, made his latest attempt with Ralph, a daily panel/Sunday strip feature syndicated by King Features.

Ralph is an everyman schlub who can’t catch a break. The feature was similar to many others in the same vein — Herman, Big George, Frank & Ernest and others all plowed much the same turf. Although Stayskal’s entry was well done, it didn’t sufficiently set itself apart from these other features and got lost in the crowd. The feature began on January 2 1995 and ended sometime in 2001.

8 comments on “Obscurity of the Day: Ralph

  1. You should see how many he submitted before Balderdash and Ralph were finally accepted. Many, many, many. Wayne was a persistent and patient man.

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