Obscurity of the Day: Fish Stories

The cartoonists who worked at some of the smaller syndicates, like World Color Printing and McClure, created some really oddball series that, rather than feature continuing characters, derived their continuity from the animals or objects featured. The undisputed king of this rare genre was Eddie Eksergian who had a very strange umbrella fetish and actually did a series featuring anthropomorphic bumbershoots.

Ed A. Goewey wasn’t willing to rise to quite that level of weirdness, but his fish series is plenty odd in its own right. I call the series Fish Stories even though the strip never really had a running title. In such cases I just do the best I can to supply a title that might be found by someone looking through my Stripper’s Guide listings.

Goewey drew this series for the World Color Printing sections from June 5 to December 18 1904. It ran in tandem with his other more conventional continuing series, Handy Andy the Man of Good Intentions which we covered on a post back on April 10.

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