News of Yore: The Piffle Family Read The Paper

This is a special page for the September 1922 issue of Circulation drawn by Jack Callahan. It unfortunately seems to point out that either my end date on Hon And Dearie (3/26/21) or start date for The Piffle Family (2/19/23) would seem to be wrong. Were they the same strip renamed? Did they run during the 1922 down period in which I thought Callahan was doing just Freddie The Sheik? More research needed….

EDIT 3/29/11: Alex Jay sends samples from the Syracuse Evening Telegram which pretty much conclusively prove that Hon and Dearie and The Piffle Family are names for the same feature; title change seems to have been around November 1922. There was probably no gap in the runs.

2 comments on “News of Yore: The Piffle Family Read The Paper

  1. Hello, Allan—-I would assume that Callahan’s strip OVER HERE / HON AND DEARIE had just been renamed again, as THE PIFFLE FAMILY. In the picture shown, they are all the same characters from the earlier strip. If this PIFFLE promo picture appeared in 9/22, it was probably running somewhere earlier than the given 2/23 date, but where? –Cole Johnson.

  2. Hi Cole –
    According to Jeffrey Lindenblatt who indexed the NY Evening Journal the strips stopped and started there on the dates discussed. Could very well be that some other Hearst paper did run it in the interim, or maybe Freddie The Sheik, running at this time, somehow figures into it. Unfortunately Hearst papers in general are very hard to get on microfilm.


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