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Hi Folks –
Tropical storm Fay didn’t hit us very hard at all, but intermittent power outages zapped the power supply on the computer I use as a holding area for all the Stripper’s Guide material. The computer was on a UPS but apparently it had exceeded its useful lifetime for power surges.

I pulled the computer apart to replace the power supply and it turned out to have sort of an oddball one — I always keep a spare, but my spare doesn’t fit this silly HP machine. So there’s either a trip to Orlando in my future or a mail order. It’s rare to find anyone who sells power supplies locally anymore now that so few people are capable of maintaining their own machines. Newbies!

Fay dumped about 10″ of rain on us (so far; it’s still raining). In Florida the oak, sweet gum and cypress trees love to soak up all that moisture, but they get a mite greedy and they end up with overly heavy limbs that break off in the wind. So now I have tree limbs all over the yard that have to be cut up and dealt with. So don’t worry about me — I’ll not be sitting on my laurels while the computer is dead.

Stripper’s Guide posts will resume soon.

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